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The new generation of Structural System and Engineering



Structural Carbon Steel 

S 350 - 450 - 550 (MPa)


Super protection for marine environment

Z 275 (g/m2)


For each different use

1.0 - 2.0 - 3.0 (mm)

our products

" C + C "

Frame System 

0,80 - 1,00 - 1,20 (mm)

1,50 -  2,00 - 2,50 (mm)

" U + U "

Truss System

0,80 - 1,00 - 1,20 (mm)

RIVET Fastening

" I "

SpeedFloor System

3,00 (mm)



System used for vertical and inclined walls

"C+C" 45 x   45 x 45 (mm)

"C+C" 45 x   75 x 45 (mm)

"C+C" 45 x 150 x 45 (mm)


System for beams, 

roofs and porticos

"U+U" 65 x 45 x 65 (mm)


Structural system for 

reinforced concrete floors

"I" 200 - 300 - 400 - 500 (mm)


We produce different types of frames 

with different sizes for different uses

"C + C"   45 x   45 x 45 (mm)

"C + C"   45 x   75 x 45 (mm)

"C + C"   45 x 150 x 45 (mm)


The frame can be used to make ceiling structures


New and revolutionary frame structural system with possibility of vertical, horizontal and inclined use


The frame system can be used for small floor structure


Innovative truss system with rivet attachment allows different types of use in both rehabilitation and new construction

"U + U" 65 x 45 x 65 (mm) 


New revolutionary truss production system, tested by universities and independent laboratories, allows us to use them in large dimensions and for high overloads


The use of truss with vertical geometry allows us to know structures for very effective roofing


By associating software, engineering and production equipment, we obtain an ideal formula for the production of large industrial structures

Special structures

The innovative production system associated with the most revolutionary design system allows us to design highly complex and unique structures

our SpeedFloor

Rollforming is an effective method to harness the superior qualities of steel in Construction.  Developing light gauge, rollformed sections and combining them with other well defined products allows Speedfloor to manufacture and market truly cost effective and innovative floor systems

Hybrid w/ carbSTEEL

Hybrid w/ Heavy Steel

Hybrid w/ Concrete

Parking Solutions

The speedfloor structural solution allows hybrid solutions and integrated with main structures of light steel, heavy steel or reinforced concrete, being possible the reduction of construction weights up to 50% and a reduction of costs up to 30%

our Back to Back Floors

C + C systems for floors use of the BACK TO BACK solution to allow greater resistance of the assembly

our warranty

Due to the reliability of our systems, the reliability of the solutions with the use of high quality and sturdy materials means that our structural systems are guaranteed for 50 years for all other materials used in the closure of structures and 10 years for coating materials.

our Safety

The safety of the solutions presented is of vital importance for the future use of the dwellings, so we do not deprive ourselves of the use of materials that provide us with antisismic and high fire protection solutions

our Comfort

The use of materials with high thermal indexes, acoustic allows us to obtain a result of high comfort for the residents

our Sustainability

The use of suitable materials and a reduced ecological footprint, recycled and recyclable allow us to obtain a sustainable solution

Our Quality

The carbsteel structural systems associated with thermal, acoustic and fire protection materials provide high quality solutions

Our Speed

The coordination of the design, production, logistics and assembly allows us high standards of efficiency and fast assembly

Our Economy

The optimization of times, materials, waste allows us significant cost reductions of the presented solutions

We in the world

America - Europe - Africa - Asia


Located in Portugal with the production unit we are at the center of the world 

having production capacity and supply of CARBSTEEL structures for the different regions


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